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July 07, 2022

QR Codes go ‘audio’ with innovative TONE Technology

Have you ever wondered what happens when you scan a QR code at your local restaurant or retail store? Do you get a menu, special deals or a preview of new merchandise arrivals? What about scanning a QR code in a television commercial while you’re watching your favorite game? Hard to do in a couple of seconds on the screen, right? Or have you been seeing QR’s reappear in magazine ads, newspapers and street posters? 

It seems that the old QR codes are popping up all over the place again with the same static images or slightly enhanced with connections to product urls and websites. But fumbling to scan a QR (if you have the mobile app) sometimes doesn’t work and leaves you with a less than fulfilling experience. 

And what about security of your phone, data and personal information when you casually scan that QR code in front of you? Are you sure it’s legit? Can you tell the difference if it’s fake or been modified or hacked? We all scan QR codes every day and take the leap of faith that it’s genuine, knowing that it’s not potentially launching malicious malware into your mobile device once you’ve scanned it.

  • Hard signage with printed QR codes are most vulnerable to skimmers (events, bus stops, buses, subways, airports, restaurant menus and placards).
  • Scammers maliciously place fake codes over legitimate QR code signage and can dump up to 4000 characters into a mobile device sending you to a fraudulent site that looks real.
  • QR codes can add contacts or unwanted social media accounts to your list that fool a user into believing an inbound scammer call or friend request is legitimate.
  • QR codes can embed emails and text messages in the background with potential malware and relay location data without your permission.

But what if you could change all that without scanning a QR code? Plus, have a more connected experience with the brands you love, buy from and return to time and time again. 

Whether that’s in the store, in your car, in front of your computer, checking your phone or relaxing on your couch with tablet in hand while seeing the latest movie. It all can be done with TONE’s patented technology through the branded apps you have on your devices today! TONE® enables a brand’s app to listen for inaudible TONE Tags® you cannot hear. The tags can be easily loaded into broadcast and digital content automation servers and traffic systems, or directly embedded into music, films, sports arenas, restaurant kiosks, airport check-in screens, radio spots, TV commercials, streaming videos, electronic outdoor billboards/waiting areas and more. 

So what happens when a brand you prefer and use frequently has enabled their app with TONE? Remember, you don’t have to scan anything, worry about your personal information being hacked or have a lackluster exchange with a retailer, restaurant or sports team. TONE Audio QR Codes foil hackers, scammers and skimmers with an extra layer of security to accept or reject a standard QR code scan.

What does happen is this…the connection to those favorite brands with TONE is effortless, secure and captivating across all your devices and wherever you may be. Watching your favorite sports team, rocking out at a concert, cruising down the street or finding the best values at the grocery store or retailer in the mall, TONE increases that level of consumer engagement for advertisers, brands, merchants, artists, fans and a myriad of other possibilities. Whether you’re an advertiser launching a new product, service or offers—a brand seeking ways to break through the competitive clutter to acquire new customers and continually solidify your position—or an to advertising agency looking to add an inventive technology for their clients—TONE delivers an integrated content experience regardless of the channel (broadcast, web, social, in-store, mobile, wearables, gaming and more).

Here’s a few more examples where Audio QR Codes from TONE ignite your phone and put the fun back in branded engagements and entertainment:

  • You’ve just entered the local mall and heading toward one of your favorite stores. All of a sudden, you get a mobile buzz (from the store’s app enabled with TONE) and an offer appears just for you—two for one off on summer tops for loyal customers! What a bargain and one that will keep you coming back utilizing the brand’s mobile app.
  • You’re arriving at the sports stadium to watch an exciting football game. When you enter with your football team’s app, TONE secures your ticket to get in. Then it automatically gives you all the latest team stats and player updates. Plus, on the way to your seat, the concession stand pings your mobile with a discount on food before the big game starts. During the game, your team makes an unbelievable touchdown and an offer comes up on your phone that you’ve won a jersey of the player who made it! All connected to you through the sports stadium and TONE technology.
  • What a fantastic concert! Best show ever since you had a special fan-based TONE enabled app from the artist, which gave you fan access to exclusive content, updated road schedules, plus merchandise offers all on your phone. Picked up your new, cool jacket on the way out of the venue. What a deal!
  • You’re on your way home from work and the radio is cranking out the tunes. Trying to decide what to feed the family, when a commercial comes on for your local pizza restaurant. Instantly, your phone goes off (since a TONE Tag is embedded in the music) with a large pie offer for repeat customers—no need to do anything right now while you’re driving since the offer will be there when you get home. Now you’re relaxing on your couch watching TV, still trying to decide what’s for dinner. Another spot comes on for the same pizza place and voilà, your tablet opens (via TONE) with a 2:1 offer plus free drinks—done! Ordered and delivery on the way!

Next time you are about to scan a QR code in a store, restaurant, arena, on your TV or in a magazine, pause for a few seconds. Is this a reputable company, retailer, venue or place to eat? Do they have a mobile app that allows you to get the information you need or engage with them without scanning the code? Or, do you know if the app has been TONE enabled by the source so you have the assurance that your exchange with the brand will be secure? It’s worth a second look.

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