Improve Touchless Ordering and Queuing Issues with TONE.

    Struggling with customer expectations for touchless ordering and the need to improve queuing throughput given social distancing requirements?

    Introducing TONE – our patented technology automatically engages your customer when in proximity to your store or restaurant with a personalized message/offer, delivered to their mobile device within your branded app.  

    TONE also reaches beyond your physical environment by embedding our technology in any broadcast media for hyper-personalized brand engagement—anytime, anywhere—all within your mobile app brand experience. 

    QSR Touchless Menu & Order Boards

    Touchless Guest Waiting & Table-Ready Solution

    Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction:

    • Reduce long wait lines outside your store or restaurant, at checkout and curbside pickup
    • Drive more value from your mobile app – responding to changing consumer behaviors and expectations
    • Offer individualized promotions and customized messaging – aligned & timed with customer’s engagement with your brand
    • Enhance the overall customer experience, improving brand messaging, loyalty and repeat business.

    TONE is offering to:

    • “TONE-Enable” your mobile application, check-in kiosks and menu/order boards at  no charge.
    • Work together to deliver customized messages and actions within your branded mobile application triggered by your customer’s engagement.

    We are committed to helping you and the communities you serve to transition your business to ‘touchless’.

    Call us or sign up to see how to TONE “activate” your brand now.

    High-Level Program Guidelines:

    • This program will serve everyone wanting to participate, in the order received.
    • TONE’s advanced analytics can be optionally integrated into your current CRM. We will align to what best meets your needs and goals.

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    About TONE Technology
    As an instantaneous direct-to-device marketing & analytics technology platform, we use imperceptible, embedded audio “TONE-Tags” to deliver contextual content directly to mobile devices.

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