Near Limitless Uses in One Platform

TONE does far more than simply deliver ads and marketing content. Thanks to the platform’s powerful features and passive functionality, TONE can be used for a wide variety of applications that go well beyond traditional audio beacon technology.

Mobile Engagement

Deliver engaging ads and targeted content to your customers in your store, at a convention, or on the go.

Ratings & Audience Managment

Finally you can count on and leverage market and audience data that isn’t “skewed” or under-represented versus a given market. Quickly asses true market dynamics, as well as real-time ratings and demographic numbers. Provide sponsors with real and valuable information.

Inventory & Asset Management

Automatically identify, track, and locate individual items in your inventory in real time simply by opening your app.

Security & Credentialing

Easily control access to events, venues, and controlled areas with a TONE-embedded ID that makes it quick and simple to manage entry.

Ad Verification

Get direct, real-time verification that the ad a sponsor paid for was actually delivered, as well as the time and date the ad went out.

Anti-Piracy, Right Management, & Royalties

“Watermark” your proprietary audio, including a song, movie, soundtrack, podcast, audio book, musical composition, or even a live performance, to identify the source or properly credit the original work.

Audio Blockchain

Confidently distribute content knowing you can track and verify its use and consumption.


Finally understand the relationship between ad-spend and impact. Measure how many have seen or heard your ad. Confidently shift valuable ad spend to segments PROVEN to work.

Productivity, Time, & Attendance

Each unique TONE-embedded ID tracks employees, volunteers, attendees, and students from the time they enter a facility or venue, providing real-time location tracking, as well as verifying whereabouts in an emergency.


Protect assets and accounts through improved authentication and the elimination of “card skimming” with a unique twist on a 2-step verification.

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About TONE Technology
As an instantaneous direct-to-device marketing & analytics technology platform, we use imperceptible, embedded audio “TONE-Tags” to deliver contextual content directly to mobile devices.

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