Changing the Travel and Transportation Landscape with TONE

At the heart of all travel and transportation is logistics. Moving people and goods all over the globe from Point A to Point B must be efficient, safe, and economical. To be the most effective in delivering both passengers and products to their destinations, you need to be able to communicate throughout the journey to manage expectations, time, and costs. What you can do is try to anticipate, predict, and deal with the unknowns — weather changes, supply chain breakdowns, world events, economic factors, or a myriad of possibilities — all impacting your overall customer's impression of what you deliver.

Challenges in Tavel & Transportation

As we all have experienced, day-to-day issues and situations do occur like changes in airline/bus/cruise line schedules, switches in trucking routes, and delayed delivery times. These examples may not be able to be rectified quickly, but in some circumstances can be improved through better connections to travelers, drivers, and shipping personnel. Additional challenges include:

  • Traffic congestion on the road, in the air, at the ports, and even at travel-related kiosks, like those in airports, subways, and more
  • Pricing dynamics impacting raw material scarcity, supply chain logistics, and fuel costs
  • Limited traveler safety and security are in place
  • Worker health, safety, and wellbeing continues to be top of mind for companies
  • Company profitability, ESG policies, and emissions management

How TONE Delivers in the Travel & Transportation Industry

TONE technology can give you that competitive advantage to stand out in a crowded industry. With our patented Audio-Activated QR solutions, emitters, sensors, trackers, wearables, and more, we elevate your brand's ability to stand out, build loyalty, and generate significant growth—all from your own company app!

  • Frictionless check-in at airports, rental car facilities, train stations, and others using touchless kiosks that you connect to through your carrier's mobile app embedded with TONE Tags
  • Captivate your brand-loyal customers while waiting for their flight, train, bus, or cruise by utilizing TONE-enabled promotions, opportunities, and rewards to keep passengers coming back again
  • TONE helps alleviate employee risks, reduce lost products, enhance safety protocols and keeps you OSHA compliant whether they're driving on the road, working at the plant, or loading luggage at the terminal
  • Mitigate logistics issues by tracking your goods from production to distribution to store with TONE

Enhanced Travel & Transportation with TONE

Revolutionize the travel experience with our cutting-edge solutions! From providing real-time updates on wait, arrival, and departure times to optimizing accessibility for travelers with diverse needs, we've got you covered. Enhance safety and security through touchless ticketing, baggage tagging, and seamless communication with carrier or terminal personnel. Plus, monitor operational environments in real-time for improved worker well-being. Elevate your brand's mobile app for a smarter, safer journey.

It's amazing when we work with our clients how they prioritize the unique differentiation their brand of service, products, or deliverables bring to stand out among the competition. To achieve short-term gains and long-term loyalty among customers, most have turned to TONE technologies to partner for success. Setting your travel & transportation brand apart by integrating our Audio-Activated QR solutions offers the ability to connect immediately, whether that's an important gate change, a docking update, finding the location of merchandise, or monitoring compliance risk and safety—all within a click away on the brand's mobile app. We give you that TONE advantage—anytime, anywhere, across all your devices when you need it most!

Tom Webster, CEO, TONE

Interesting Travel & Transportation Facts

Leveraging TONE enables you to make a substantial impact to an extremely large and ever-evolving industry.

34 Million

Times per Weekday

Each weekday, 34 million people rely on public transportation to commute and travel.

853 Million

Airline Passengers

Over 853 million passengers boarded planes in 2022 to travel across the globe for business and leisure.

$1.9 Trillion

Economic Output

The travel and tourism sector in the United States contributed $1.9 trillion to the economy.