Enhancing the Entire Sports Experience TONE

When we think of sports, we think of our favorite professional teams, favorite athletes, colleges, and more. Rarely are we thinking about all of the technologies that advance the sports industries. Rules and regulations tend to go unchanged or have very little change, but as technology advances, both the athletes and the fans see an incredible shift in their experience. TONE's technologies add the ever-evolving fan and athlete experience from streaming to the on-field experience.

Challenges in Sports

While we have seen major advances in how we interact with our favorite teams, from increased streaming services, in-stadium experiences, and more, there are still some challenges that exist both on and off the field:

  • Limited interaction with fans both in and outside of the stadium due to conversational and communication barriers
  • Increased challenges getting people to attend events, due to rising costs, multiple viewing options, and higher fan experience expectations
  • Higher advertising expenses due to an increase in marketing and advertising channels, with minimal returns, lower impressions, and limited actionable data
  • Minimal in-game physical conditions monitoring of athletes to ensure well-being and optimal performance

How TONE Delivers in the Sports Industry

By leveraging TONE in sports, you can expect a multitude of positive outcomes, including:

  • Increased interactions with fans, driving additional concessions and merchandise sales through in-game rewards and promotions
  • Target rewards and promotions to fans through unique 'tones' embedded in video, audio, digital, and broadcasts - across all screens and streaming services
  • Consolidate marketing and advertising efforts through TONE to create actionable data enabling you to better serve fans and improve the fan experience
  • Monitor and become proactive on your athlete's physical conditions in real-time to reduce on-field injuries and optimize performance

What to Expect When Leveraging TONE

By TONE-enabling your team, facilities, and media, you can create an immersive and memorable fan experience. In doing so, you can drive repeat visitors, increase merchandise sales, establish fan rewards and loyalty programs, and much more.

By 2027, the global sports market was expected to be worth over 623 billion U.S. dollars. This massive industry includes the people, activities, and organizations that are involved with producing, facilitating, or organizing sports activities. TONE is on a mission to not only enhance the fan experience but also create a truly unique and immersive experience both in and outside of the stadium. Our technology can and will strengthen the already loyal fan bases of sports teams across the globe!

Tom Webster, CEO, TONE

Astounding Facts in Sports

Leveraging TONE allows you to ensure that you are putting your marketing budgets to work for you.

550 Million

World Cup Viewers

The World Cup had over 550 million viewers watching from around the globe, while the Super Bowl had around 56 million viewers worldwide.

$87.3 Billion

Market Value in 2028

It is estimated that by 2028, live video sports streaming will increase to a market value of $87.3 billion from $18.11 billion in 2020.

150 Million

US Sports Fans

Reports show over 150 million individuals attended professional sporting events in 2018 across the five major sports leagues: NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and MLS.