Improving Security with TONE Technology

We live in a very unpredictable world where things change in a nanosecond which can affect employees, digital documents, workplace environments, and companies. Everything from your physical buildings, plants and facilities to digital materials on-premise and in the cloud. You need to know that they are secure, safe, and manageable at all times—24/7, 365. With TONE, that is not only possible, but guaranteed! TONE can help solve these complex situations through our patented Audio-Activated QR technology, emitters, and sensors.

Challenges in Security

Navigating the security landscape presents several challenges, reflecting shifts in the work environment and technological advancements. TONE has identified key challenges to tackle, which include:

  • As the workplace continues to undergo transformations due to COVID-19, securing remote setups has become crucial for remote and hybrid work situations
  • With more companies migrating to the cloud, there are new security concerns around cloud attacks, necessitating vigilant measures
  • With teams spread out globally, there is an increase in phishing scams seeking unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • With increased interconnectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) devices introduce new vulnerabilities, requiring proactive security measures
  • Risks escalate alongside the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain, including within the digital assets (NFT) space

How TONE Delivers in the Security Industry

By leveraging TONE to improve security for your business, you can expect a multitude of positive outcomes, including:

  • Tracking employees' daily entry/exit at company sites and restricted areas; secure through personal company ID embedded with TONE-Tags
  • Instant notifications in emergencies—TONE sends instructions where to go, automatically opens exits or directs to the best exit(s) to take and secures in place protocols and lock-downs
  • On/Off-line equipment/digital security — TONE's Track & Trace solution can monitor any company-owned lost/stolen computers; mobile phones, disk drives, backup devices, other physical materials
  • Embed TONE-Tags within digital assets to enable authentication and strengthen security for your customers to identify and avoid scams and fraud

What to Expect When Leveraging TONE

TONE enables you to have complete control of your locations, including access, controls, and peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are all protected. Leveraging TONE is easy, painless, and turnkey, meaning that once you integrate, you have immediate insights, analytics, and power to truly secure your organization.

Security continues to be a top-of-mind issue for employees, companies, and individuals, whether that be across physical spaces or within digital environments. TONE prides itself on our solutions that not only can alert, track, and notify of important situations, but secure and protect your assets, people, and data. It all starts with a security assessment to identify areas where TONE's Audio-Activated QR, advanced emitters, and sensor technologies can help close gaps - accessibility, integration, notification, and authentication—giving you better control overall. With TONE, you can be assured that any time, any place, checking on any issue is as close to your fingertips.

Tom Webster, CEO, TONE