Changing the Restaurant and QSR Industry with TONE

The restaurant industry has started to come back from two straight years of people staying home and not going out to eat. This affected not only business, but forced restaurants to close, laying off employees, cutting services, as well as them trying to be creative with alternative preparations and deliveries. Economically, it ruined favorite establishments, quick service franchises, and in-seating dining. Ultimately, these unexpected changes have made QSR/restaurant owners more resilient, adaptable, and open to new technologies to accelerate growth and bring back customers.

Challenges in the Restaurant and QSR Space

There are numerous challenges with any restaurant—whether you're sitting down to an expensive meal or driving up to a fast-food window. Either way, it usually comes down to the food, price, location or convenience that all adds up to what your customer experiences. Certain situations do continue to crop up such as:

  • Controlling variable operational costs, shrinking profits, and capital expenditures
  • Changing consumer behavior with shifting eating habits, going out to fewer restaurants, and spending less
  • Rising food costs, inventory management, and menu pricing
  • Retaining quality staff, providing health care coverage, and meeting diverse training needs
  • Staying ahead of market trends, competition tactics, customer preference swings, and quality service

How TONE Revolutionizes the Restaurant and QSR Industry

Customers are looking for an immersive experience with restaurant brands, not just a place to eat. Customer service, ratings, and posts on social media all play an important role in determining your success. At TONE, we can help your restaurant stand out from the crowd!

  • Elevate customer engagement, reduce wait times, and energize loyalty at the order counter, drive-up window, or sitting in the restaurant
  • Speed up fast-food drive-thru by connecting with your customers before they get into long queuing lines—pre-orders, daily specials, combo deals, remote ordering, curbside pickup, quick pay—made simple by utilizing your restaurant-branded app embedded with TONE-Tags
  • Expand your restaurant's outreach with new and frequent customers—whether that be through touchless menu and ordering options, priority seating or creating targeted interactions to incentivize purchases

Leverage the TONE Advantage

As more and more people are visiting restaurants again, one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition is to leverage TONE Technologies. TONE hyper-personalizes your content, messages, and advertisements by connecting to customers across radio and television broadcasts, streaming, mobile, and throughout the restaurant. Real-time, always available, and one that will help grow your customer base as well as the bottom-line.

It's been a difficult time for the restaurant and fast-food industry. While many have continued to be successful, others are still struggling. We at TONE do not profess to have all the answers, however, can provide mobile solutions that will assist in bringing back your customers and finding new consumers, too. Our patented Audio-Activated QR technology enables your brand's app to connect instantaneously before anyone walks through your door or pulls up outside. The embedded audio TONE-Tags deliver a myriad of communications from daily promotions to new menu items; highlights of upcoming events to latest offerings; or ordering selections to seasonal favorites—just a small example of what TONE can do to re-engage your clientele and put loyalty back in your restaurant again.

Tom Webster, CEO, TONE

Restaurant & QSR Facts

Leveraging TONE enables you to make a substantial impact to an extremely large and ever-evolving industry.

$997 Billion

Projected Sales

The restaurant industry is forecasted to surpass $997 billion in sales in 2023.

500K Jobs

Created in 2023

500k new jobs will be added in the food service industry, with a total of 15.5 million jobs.

$26.6 Billion

Kiosks Worldwide

Interactive kiosks have gained a $26.63 billion market revenue worldwide in 2023.