Enhancing Media, Advertising, and Broadcasting with TONE

If there is any group of relatable industries that are at the forefront of industry trends, new technologies and constantly shifting consumer dynamics, it's the media, advertising, and broadcast industries. Consumers filter out what makes sense and move towards a decision for various reasons. Whether that's rationale or emotion, conscious or subconscious - the consumer has connected with the brand. TONE's solution helps establish and nurture a deeper connection with the consumer.

Challenges in Media, Advertising, and Broadcasting

There's a myriad of challenges across media properties, advertising agencies, and broadcasting organizations as they continue to figure out how to reach consumers in new and inventive approaches for their clients. Latest studies tracking these challenges indicate that:

  • Among media platforms, areas such as changing audience dynamics/psychographics, managing data/analytics across both old/new media, finding a balanced social media mix that pays off short/long term, proliferation in audio-based marketing
  • In advertising, it's driving deeper and more frequent engagement across an omni-channel strategy, concerns about sharing personal information/privacy, the influx of AI-generated content, and reaching the right target audience with the right message every time
  • With broadcast, an impact on the diversion of audience choices, continual demands on increased content output, rapid shifts in audience to digital from radio & television, streaming services undercutting traditional broadcast channels

How TONE Delivers For Your Brand

By leveraging TONE in your media, advertising, and broadcast channels, you can expect a multitude of positive outcomes, including:

  • Increased exposure to your branded content, with multiple ad touches, interations, and repeat customers
  • Target branded content by your specific customer personas through unique 'tones' embedded in video, audio, digital, and broadcasts - across all screens
  • Track & analyze ACTUAL engagement, consumer behavior, buying patterns/habits, purchase intent, brand loyalty, influencer levels—all to help cultivate customers who follow, like and trust your brand
  • Personalized communication and messaging, which enables brands to build authentic connections, optimize campaign performance, and boost conversion rates

What to Expect When Leveraging TONE

How do you find, stand out, and apply technologies to an already full mix of different media, advertising, and broadcast options/offerings is difficult given mounting costs, budget constraints, and deployment timelines? That's where TONE comes in! TONE is an innovative, easy-to-use, consumer-friendly solution, that integrates quickly into your customer's branded app across all types of devices. Whether connecting with a podcast audience in a spoken-word ad, reaching people walking past digital video screens, broadcasting to fans across a vast arena, streaming a movie on your laptop, or just watching a TV commercial in a favorite program — TONE Audio-Activated QR technology covers it all!

At TONE, we view the changing media, advertising, and broadcast environment as an opportunity to bring our innovative, patented technology to consumers. Within those three related ecosystems, TONE can bridge the gap between theoretical and actual, driving better engagement, creating more authentic connections, and building trust with the products and services people buy, use and share everyday. It's often we hear from our customers that TONE's Audio-Activated QR solutions not only have become an essential asset within a brand's app, but also as an integral differentiator in any marketing initiative. We'd like to show you how TONE can make that happen for your brand, too.

Tom Webster, CEO, TONE

Media, Advertising, and Broadcast Facts

Leveraging TONE allows you to ensure that you are putting your marketing budgets to work for you.


Average Marketing Budget

On average, corporations budget around 12% of total revenue to marketing expenses to attract, retain, and build customer and brand loyalty.


Brand Impressions

63% of consumers need to see and hear from a brand 3-5 times in order to connect with the brand and retain the messaging.


Avg Cost Per Click

On average, companies pay $2.96 per ad click. This results in an average coversion rate of 7.26% and a click-through rate of 6.3%.