Changing the Hospitality Industry with TONE

Hospitality runs the gamut across numerous industries—Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Casinos, Stadiums, Arenas, Restaurants, QSRs, Theaters, Concerts, Parks, Cruises, Tourist Attractions, Museums—you name it, you've probably experienced some form of hospitality wherever you travel, stay, visit, or go see an event. Quality may vary depending upon where you are, who you're interacting with, and what is the eventual outcome. But certainly, it can be extraordinary or you'll never return again, which ultimately separates successful properties, venues, and businesses.

Challenges in Hospitality

Over the last several years the hospitality industry has been hit with reduced number of visitors, guests, and ticket holders. However, the tides have shifted towards a refreshed resurgence in travel, more people going out, and overall generally enjoying experiences outside again. While challenges still exist, some will take time to recuperate from lost employees, revenue, and customers.

  • Staff shortages, hiring and retaining personnel, and skills gaps especially with new digital technologies are areas that continue to impact employee demand
  • Data breaches, cybersecurity attacks, and credit card theft have contributed to exposure of guest's personal information and privacy
  • Operationally, inflation, cash flow, and supply chain interruptions has affected rising costs for daily consumables

TONE Transforms Hospitality

Travelers, visitors, and patrons usually have high expectations when going to a new place or returning to one of their favorite venues. Owners, proprietors, and even employees can benefit from what TONE brings to helping you create a 'worth remembering' experience for all your guests.

  • Diverse lodging options, from hotels to resorts, offer tailored experiences through TONE-enabled apps, enhancing on-property features and customization
  • Provide contactless check-in, direct communication, and enhanced loyalty programs with customers, improving brand loyalty with TONE
  • Elevate dining experiences by showcasing menu highlights, daily deals, and exclusive offerings, while TONE enhances leisure activities by integrating beloved brands into outings

Leverage TONE to Create Lasting Impressions

Overall, most people in the hospitality industry would like to make a great impression that lasts with their customers—if it's their first visit or a frequent guest—just so they'll come back again and enjoy what you have to offer. Many properties are discovering new possibilities to communicate with potential customers, buyers, and purveyors of their services. TONE provides a hyper-personalized connection that touches your guests with relatable content they'd like to receive throughout their stay.

It's fun to imagine the vastly diverse experiences one can have from going on an exotic adventure to finding that perfect corner bistro. Everyone enjoys exploring new places as well as experiencing authentic local cultures, delicious foods and things you've never seen before. What makes that most memorable are the people you encounter who teach, serve and embrace you with their rich hospitality. At TONE, we see our patented Audio-Activated QR technology as a valuable engagement solution to those experiences. It connects customers to your personalized, branded content which enlightens those exchanges, provides meaningful benefits, and builds loyal visitors to ensure they return. Make your brand of hospitality the one that captivates consumers today with TONE.”

Greg Jorgensen, CMO, TONE

Hospitality Facts

Leveraging TONE enables you to make a substantial impact to an extremely large and ever-evolving industry.

$4.7 Trillion

Market Size

In 2023, the global hospitality market reached nearly 4.7 trillion U.S. dollars and is expected to grow by 4.3%.


CAGR Increase

Market value is forecasted to grow to 5.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5 percent.

328 Million

Hospitality Jobs

The hospitality industry accounts for 328 million jobs, which translates to 1 in every 10 jobs on the planet.