Enhancing the Healthcare Industry with TONE

With patient care being a top priority in healthcare, assets are constantly being rented, delivered, transported, and used by patients across the globe. The consistent movement of assets and patients creates a disconnect between providers, patients, DMEs and more.


Problems in Healthcare

Limited budgets, expensive equipment, increased regulations, and heightened patient expectations require healthcare providers and DMES to leverage all available tools and services to make improvements. When a provider or DME rents out medical equipment like ventilators and portable oxygen machines, there is a risk of losing the devices. On average, providers lose between 8-10% of their inventory annually, which has a direct impact to a provider's bottom line. Whether it's making multiple attempts to recover a unit, recovery related labor and travel expenses, and replacing a unit, it can be very cost intrusive.


Reduce Losses with TONE's Asset Management Solution

TONE's technology has put the power back into the hands of DMES and providers, by enabling them to track, locate, and recover assets without the overhead of expensive technology. The desire and need for equipment to last as long as possible is clear and evident, as some units like ventilators, have been in use for over 10 years. To truly get the full value out of each unit, you want to ensure that you are tracking them for at least that long.

  • Budget & User Friendly

    TONE's solution is budget friendly and easy to install, while your assets are easily monitored in your branded dashboard.

  • Low Maintenance

    TONE's devices are waterproof, have a battery life of up to 10 years, and re-usable. Attach the device and start monitoring!


TONE's Solution Reduces Loss & Increases Profits

The healthcare industry is complex at best with a number of ways to drain a provider's profits. TONE has taken on equipment loss with its Track & Trace solution in effort to keep profits in our DME's pockets!

Nick Gargano, President of Healthcare, TONE

Healthcare & DME Facts

Leverage TONE to minimize asset loss, reduced profits, and impacts to overall patient care. The time to act is now and here is why. To view TONE's Track & Trace solution, click here.


Inventory Loss

On average, 8-10% of inventory is lost annually between patients, transportation, and storage.

100 ft

Accuracy with TONE

Locate assets within 100ft of their location making it easier to recover, monitor, and manage.

10 Years

Average Asset Life

Most assets will remain in circulation for an average of 10 years, making it imprtant to track and recover.