Changing the Gaming Industry with TONE

Gaming has continued to evolve, from arcades to eSports to casinos. With global adoption increasing, there is also an opportunity to improve the entire gaming experience. Create an omni-channel experience from the game floor throughout your facilities, while improving guest and player interactions. With TONE technologies, you can create a completely immersive and interactive experience, increase engagement, and boost brand loyalty.

Challenges in Gaming

As we see it, whether it be in the casino, at a computer, or on a console, there are many challenges that TONE can play a part in. These include, but aren't limited to:

  • Overcoming complexities of maintaining a seamless, secure online gaming and gambling experience
  • Dynamic landscape of in-game promotions, optimizing engagement strategies, and enhancing user satisfaction
  • Limited ability to integrate on-floor casino gambling with facility-wide incentives
  • Establishing real-time connections to gamers outside of the gaming environment
  • Extending play time by increasing user engagement and retention through promotions, communications, and rewards programs

How TONE Revolutionizes Gaming

By leveraging TONE in gaming, you can address all the challenges referenced above and more. Our technology enables you to never lose touch with the user while enhancing their experience. This includes:

  • Touchless user authentication leveraging embedded TONE Tags in your game and apps
  • Interactive in-game promotions and optimized engagement strategies
  • Complete integration with on-floor casino gambling, facility offerings and activities
  • Real-time communication via media with gamers outside of the gaming environment with TONE Tags
  • Enhanced loyalty and rewards programs by users, increasing satisfaction and user retention

Gaming Becomes an Omni-Channel Experience with TONE

Gaming today can be transformed into an omni-channel experience. The user is no longer limited to the game, casino, or app. With TONE, you can create a truly omni-channel experience, opening more doors, activities, and opportunities for your users.

Gaming is an industry that could use innovation. By leveraging TONE, not only can you incentivize users to play more, but you can motivate users to participate in other activities, both digital and physical. Our technology increases the way you interact with your users and enables you to truly immerse the user in an experience designed around them. If a person is waiting on a machine at the casino, use TONE to direct them to a similar machine and notify them when it is available. If a user plays online games, entice them with different activities and partner incentives to earn rewards, level up, increase playtime, and more! The use cases are endless!

Brandon Evans, CIO, TONE

Gaming Facts

Leveraging TONE enables you to make a substantial impact to an extremely large and ever-evolving industry.


of American Adults

46% of American adults have placed at least one sports wager in the past year.

$334 Billion

Projected Revenue

$334 billion is the current projected revenue for video games in 2023.


Casinos Worldwide

5.6 thousand casinos exist worldwide, with MGM having the largest revenue.