Changing the Entertainment Industry with TONE

The Entertainment Industry has recently seen a major resurgence in fans going out more often to sporting events, concerts, movies, amusement parks, and local community gatherings. It seems like this pent-up demand has accelerated the need for promotors, venue owners, artists, and musicians to find new, innovative ways to target, engage, and build loyalty with their fan base as well as potential customers. Plus reaching fans with authentic, personalized messages where they are at any time is imperative.

Challenges in Entertainment

While the entertainment business is seeing an uplift in attendance and various revenue streams, they still have a myriad of different challenges facing their industry:

  • Adoption of new business models with mergers, diversities and acquisitions that can impact profits, adaptation of creative products, compliance/regulations, licensing, and media channels
  • Reputation of studios as it pertains to managing talent, copyrights, and third-party liability issues
  • Continual competition with other entertainment properties for the fan's attention, time, purchasing power, and revenues across social media, user-generated content, and event promotions

TONE Puts Your Brand Back on Stage

All brands at some level desire to entertain their customers, prospects, and loyal followers. Often a new production or a favorite artist will skyrocket off the charts. Other times, promotion needs a major boost. That's where TONE comes in with a variety of options to put you front and center with fans:

  • Reach more of your fans at the live concert, during a show, or across the entire arena complex. Instantly broadcast to every event-goer's mobile phone with TONE-Tags
  • Customize your in-venue feature to immerse fans in all of the action, giving fans real-time updates, VIP experiences, priority ticket sales, and interactive content
  • Prevent theft and minimize piracy with TONE's advanced emitters and indelible audio watermarking

Creatively Leverage TONE to Benefit Your Brand

People are flooding all sorts of facilities, concert halls, outdoor shows, and theaters again. In parallel— marketers, producers, merchants, and advertisers—are all trying different, inventive approaches to engage customers, plus utilize the latest technologies to their brands' advantage. TONE helps you fit the entertainment bill with deeper fan connections, enhanced brand visibility, and loyalty-building opportunities.

Entertainment has a broad spectrum of engagement opportunities where TONE patented technologies can accelerate your brand presence. TONE leverages broadcasts within a venue, content outside the arena pre- and post-event, radio and television commercials, and indoor/outdoor digital/video billboards. TONE Audio-Activated QR media-embedded solutions, emitters, and sensors give the brand, advertiser, artist, or merchandiser the ability to deliver real-time, personalized communications to your fan base through your branded mobile app. It's simple and easy to implement with our inaudible TONE-Tags embedded within your audio tracks or through TONE patented audio Emitters located throughout the event space. TONE activates passively and connects with fans anytime, anywhere—in the bleachers or on the couch. TONE 'produces' entertaining fan experiences and provides value every time.

Fred Armstrong, CPO, TONE

Entertainment Fast Facts

Leveraging TONE enables you to make a substantial impact to an extremely large and ever-evolving industry.

$2.43 Billion

Market Revenue

The global entertainment and media industry market revenue is forecasted at $2.43 billion in 2023.


Revenue Increase

The total revenue for the global entertainment industry rose by 5.4% in 2022 to $2.32 trillion USD.

478 Minutes

Avg Daily Time

By 2025, average daily time spent on digital media is expected to increase to 478 minutes in the US.