How it WORKS

How does TONE Work?

TONE can be delivered either digitally or physically. In a digital implementation, a TONE-Tag is layered into any broadcast, song or podcast, live performance, interview, website, in-venue PA system, or virtually any medium with sound. For physical spaces, specialized TONE-Emitters—very small, battery-powered transmitters—emit TONE-Tags up to 50 feet, perfect for use in a department, store shelf, display, or signage. Once the TONE-Tag is perceived by a mobile device, it triggers the consumer’s mobile phone and delivers content.

Why TONE Over Other Audio Tech?

  • Easy to use and integrate into marketing campaigns.
  • 100% passive and doesn’t require the user to “do” anything to work.
  • Does not require expensive hardware, network connectivity, or other costly investments to implement.
  • Not restricted to physical areas—it can go where beacons can’t reach. 
  • Ensures user privacy by only listening for Tone-Tags and never recording anything.


No Infrastucture to Buy

Our technology can be tied to any app and doesn’t require added hardware or infrastructure investment.



TONE easily integrates into any marketing channel. Broadcast ads, in-venue music, social media, websites, and any medium with sound can utilize TONE.


Real-Time Communication

Reach mobile users anytime they interact with your brand, not just when they’re in your store or venue!

TONE-Tags are strategically placed in any physical location or signal enabled device. Once the TONE-Tag is triggered, it is perceived by a mobile device and a graphic ad instantly appears in front of the consumer.

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About TONE Technology
As an instantaneous direct-to-device marketing & analytics technology platform, we use imperceptible, embedded audio “TONE-Tags” to deliver contextual content directly to mobile devices.

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