What Is TONE?

TONE Technologies, in their simplest form, are audio QR codes or audio beacons. The patented technology utilizes inaudible sound fragments called “TONE-Tags” to deliver ads, coupons, special offers, or other content to any smartphone within range, enabling companies to activate and monetize audiences ANYWHERE and ANYTIME, all without the expensive hardware of traditional audio tech.

How it Works

TONE can be delivered either digitally or physically. In a digital implementation, a TONE-Tag is layered into any broadcast, song or podcast, live performance, interview, website, in-venue PA system, or virtually any medium with sound. For physical spaces, specialized TONE-Emittersvery small, battery-powered transmittersemit TONE-Tags up to 50 feet, perfect for use in a department, store shelf, display, or signage. Once the TONE-Tag is perceived by a mobile device, it triggers the consumer’s mobile phone and delivers content. The process is 100% passive.


No Infrastucture to Buy

Can be tied into any app with no added hardware. Zero infrastructure investment.


No Friction

100% passive nature means maximum engagement regardless of channel.


Unlimited Use

Flexibility means mulit-channel delivery. Zero friction for users.

TONE-Tags are strategically placed in any physical location or signal enabled device. Once the TONE-Tag is triggered, it is perceived by a mobile device and a graphic ad instantly appears in front of the consumer.

Core Services Provided by TONE

Beyond the core TONE platform, we deliver a full suite of services to augment your marketing efforts, all delivered by highly skilled professionals with knowledge, credibility, and experience.

Powerful Analytics

Each platform comes with data capture components that track and analyze interactions with all TONE-Tags. Data can be presented in a customized interface.

App Development

Don’t have an app of your own? Our expert team of developers and designers can help create the perfect app for your brand to leverage TONE.

Custom Dashboard

Access the TONE platform and do business the way you want to with a custom dashboard that can be personalized to fit your company’s exact needs.

Solution Integration

Thanks to our flexible system, TONE can be integrated directly into your current app, making it a flawlessly fit for your business practices and process.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get in-depth data and information about your customers, where and how you engage with them, and your most important metrics with our detailed reporting.

Media Production

Take your marketing to the next level by relying on our expert creative team to deliver the most engaging and effective ads and content for your company.

Industries Served by TONE



• Professional Sports
• Broadcasting
• Movies & Theaters
• Music
• Venues
• Theme Parks



• Grocery Chains
• Big Box Stores
• Convenience Stores
• Specialty Shops
• Consumer Packaged Goods



• Hospitals
• Medical Facilities
• Assisted Living Centers
• Pharmacies
• Home Health Care
• Consignment Inventory





• Casinos
• Gaming Halls
• Electronic Gaming
• Video Games
• Game-a-Thons



• Automotive
• Manufacturing
• Ad Agencies
• Education
• Tradeshows & Conventions
• Philanthropy

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About TONE Technology
As an instantaneous direct-to-device marketing & analytics technology platform, we use imperceptible, embedded audio “TONE-Tags” to deliver contextual content directly to mobile devices.

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