What is TONE?

The future of mobile marketing

In it’s most simple form, TONE is “audio-beacon” technology. An instantaneous direct-to-device marketing & analytics technology platform, TONE uses imperceptible, embedded audio “tones” to deliver contextual content directly to mobile devices.

Beacon Technology without the Limitations

TONE’s patent-pending technology allows marketers to directly reach the mobile community through your own mobile app. There’s no need to leave your branded app to go to someone else’s, or to ask the mobile user to “do” something. Reach mobile users anytime they interact with your brand, not just when they’re in your store or venue!


Broadcast mediums like radio & television have long touted their mass reach. With TONE, you can now achieve mass engagement! Whether “live” or produced content, our technology allows for instant engagement, supplemental content, and promotions. 

Retail & CPG

Coupons & discounts are the hallmark of retail. Instantly deliver expanded offers to mobile/loyalty app users as your TV commercial airs. Understand ALL brand interactions with your customers and the “magic combination” of touches it takes to “ring the register”.

Advertising & Marketing

Partner with TONE to deliver increased interaction and attribution. Deliver multiple offer versions directly to target mobile devices and optimize your marketing mix with detailed analytics. OEM/Integrate TONE for a unique competitive advantage!

Other Verticals

Many industries can harness the power of TONE. Healthcare and Pharma to benefit patients, Gaming to enhance player experience, Manufacturing to deliver on the promise of the Internet of Things, Casinos for improved rewards, and many more!

Imagination is the ONLY requirement!

Our customers and partners are finding new and creative ways to utilize the power of TONE – far beyond what we even imagined. The opportunities are endless.

Get your creative juices flowing and put TONE to work for your organization!

TONE: Powerful Audio-Beacons.

Deliver TONEs via ANY sound-enabled platform or medium

Our TONEs can be embedded in any other sound. Movies, music, TV or radio commercials, in-store music, YouTube videos and other streaming, social media, websites, and others, are able to carry TONEs. With your TONE-enabled mobile app, you can deliver contextual offers/messages directly to mobile users anytime they interact with your brand.

TONE doesn’t create another marketing channel, it UNITES them!

The challenge with bluetooth beacons and products like Shazam is that they create their own separate marketing channel, their own data, and their own experience. They don’t integrate with the other marketing channels. By integrating TONE into ALL of your marketing channels: broadcast, social, media, web, streaming, etc., you can “connect” all of these historically separate brand interactions to get a COMPLETE picture of the brand journey.

World-Class Analytics

It’s been touted that “he with the most integrated data, wins”. Data and analytics are our foundation. TONE delivers “tons” of data, analytics, and reporting. Aligned to marketing spends, you can truly achieve the MMO (marketing mix optimization) vision! If you can’t track all of this, why do it?

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The enabler of IoT

By utilizing a common denominator: sound, we can help deliver the promise of the Internet of Things. The ability to connect non-like items with ease is now in reach with TONE!

Some IoT Info

Early Adopters

We are truly blessed to be partnering with the most strategic thinkers in marketing today!

Palace Sports & Entertainment

Spotlight Cinema Networks

Cartwright Entertainment

Kobalt Creative

Hubbard Radio & 2060 Digital


Spotted Cow Productions

Festival of Hope

Professional Services to ensure your program’s success!

This technology may or may not be new to you. Either way, we have the experience and expertise to make your program a complete and total success. Whether you need assistance with the overall strategy, developing campaigns, creating media or graphics, managing a project, or developing a mobile app, our services experts can help! Our team will become a perfect compliment and extension of yours.


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Simple Demonstration

This short video will show you the simple essence of TONE.

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TONE’d Media Samples

Combined with a TONE-enabled mobile app, you can use these media samples to test the technology.

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TONE’s integration and user documentation can be found in our growing library.

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